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Best 5 Popcorn Time Christmas Movies


It’s that time once more, the best day of year is coming! Jingle All the Way! The Christmas season has come,  and to enjoy this occasional and joyful season , everyone likes to watch Popcorn Time movies & pictures that are revolved around Christmas or were related  to the Christmas season.

Popcorn Time Movies:

Popcorn Time movies allows you most amazing and entertaining movies that you have seen in the film industry. We all know that how much it is difficult to watch online movies on a web.  popcorn time movies is a platform that gives you the complete access to your favorite movies and top rated TV shows.


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  • A Wonderful Life [1946]

On the Christmas Eve of Bedford Falls, the guardian angel Clarence is doled out to persuade the frantic George Bailey not to submit suicide. George is a decent man that yielded his fantasies and his childhood for the benefit of the residents of his residential area. He acquired the credit business of his dad and he surrendered venturing to the far corners of the planet and joining University as booked. Later he opposed the proposition of the insidious broker Mr. Potter, and never sold his business to secure the poor network of Bedford Falls and offer a way to bear to purchase their very own home. He wedded his dearest Mary Hatch Bailey and had four kids with her and an intense existence with his family.

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At the point when his uncle Billy loses US$ 8,000.00, found and stolen by Mr. Potter, George chooses to submit suicide, since he trusts he worth more dead than alive. At the point when Clarence sees that he can’t induce George to surrender his expectation, he chooses to demonstrate the life around the local area if George had never existed.

In short this movie is captivating and worth watching.

  • Home Alone [1990]

Who hasn’t watched Home Alone? Those who experienced childhood in the nineties grew up watching Home Alone on various events. Coordinated by none other John Hughes, Home Alone has for quite some time been the most loved Christmas motion picture.

This motion picture made Macaulay Culkin an easily recognized name. The experience subtleties the account of Kevin McAllister, who is disregarded on the event of Christmas and thieves played entertainingly enough by the polar opposite of such jobs, Joe Pesci – the person who played the trouble maker in Goodfellas, Casino and other criminal motion pictures.

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The motion picture is brimming with roar with laughter minutes. Thieves are found napping by booby traps set up by the eight-year-old. The scenes that follow thus are clever! So on the off chance that you are trying to make your Christmas an explanation behind bunches of giggling.

watch Home Alone on Popcorn Time movies.

  • About A Boy [2002]

About A Boy is movie about the loner Will Freeman played with unwavering charm by Hugh Grant. Will Freeman is a real-life Grinch. He hates children and ladies are his weakness yet he never submits. He appreciates solo sailing and has turned into a result of extravagance. Popcorn Time online movies happen to be the best place to watch it over Christmas.

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His life is flipped around when he meets the boy played by X-Men’s Nicholas Hoult. You wouldn’t remember him in this character. We had to rewatch it just to make beyond any doubt it’s the blue-haired Beast.

  • Bad Santa [2003]

Around the same time, we were blessed to receive Bad Santa played by a boozer and somebody who’s surrendered in life by none other than Billy Bob Thornton. The film left gatherings of people with a to some degree disappointing background. The film’s validness as a Christmas flick as well as the last item is regularly discussed.

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There are haters and afterward there are the individuals who are head over heels in affection with Bad Santa. The story is about a person who takes on the appearance of Santa amid the Christmas season and engages youngsters and customers alike in shopping centers and strip malls. Possibly to ransack those stores at last when the lights go out.

Billy Bob Thornton’s character is bolstered by his sidekick, Tony Cox’s midget who’s fundamentally his shrewd accomplice. So if it’s a moderate day for you amid the Christmas season, you should need to watch Bad Santa on Popcorn Time movies.

  • Carol [2015]

Carol stars the Oscar victor Cate Blanchett and the ever skilled Rooney Mara. Carol does not at all suggest Christmas Carol rather is the name of the main character played by Blanchett. It is an adjustment of Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel The Price of Salt and as of now accessible to stream on Popcorn Time movies.

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The film is exotic and about enticement. A youthful store agent, (Mara) falls under the appeal of Carol and what pursues is a story of fixation and extraordinary compared to other movies made about affection, on screen.



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