Q1 : What is A Popcorn Time?
ANS: Popcorn Time is a freely available app on which is able to exist with multi-platform. The main functionality of popcorn time is license you stream torrents of movies, TV shows. It is an open source application. It uses BitTorrent’s Peer to peer algorithm by giving you the opportunity of using it without any hang back in the middle.


Q2 : How content of Popcorn Time updated with new movie or episode releases?
ANSIt constantly searches the websites and upgrades its content with latest video releases. For that, it uses many sources .


Q3 : What is the strong point of Popcorn Time?
ANS: It is designed by many APIs of different developers to provide you experience torrent video watching very simply without too many clicks.


Q4 : How subtitles can be selected?
ANS: If you can’t select the subtitles you need to wait on until all the data related to the movie is recover.


Q5 : How secure is Popcorn Time?
ANSTo hide your internet access, you can use a VPN. so that people won’t find your IP address or they won’t follow you.


Q6 : What will be the aftermath of movies when I am done?
ANS: The movies will save in a temporary folder on your device memory until you restart it. Later you have the access to select a file to place them from settings.


Q7 : Is Popcorn Time legal?
ANS: It depends on the legal condition and privacy of your country. According to some websites, Popcorn Time allows people to watch pirated content. So you need to know the legal status of your country at first…


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